What People are Saying

Mark Henick speaks to diverse audiences including conferences, schools, workplaces, and community groups. His videos, media appearances, and writing have been seen by millions. Here’s a small sample of what they’ve been saying.

“One of Canada’s most prominent mental health advocates” – PEOPLE Magazine

“I can’t put into words how beautiful this session has been. Thank you so much.” – Virtual keynote attendee

“Mark is a great speaker and outlined the issues easily and thoughtfully.” – Workshop participant

“Mark is an absolutely fantastic presenter!” – Workshop participant

“There was something about Mark Henick… that just would not let me forget the subject.” – Audience member

“I applaud Mark for speaking up for those of us who can’t.” – Keynote attendee

“Mark Henick is a powerful storyteller.”  – Rosie O’Donnell

“WOW, Mark your talk was incredible, thank you so much!” – Virtual keynote attendee

“Gave me a new outlook on mental health.” – Workshop participant

“Canada’s newest star in mental health awareness.” – Article reviewer

“Beautifully honest… gripped my soul and didn’t let go.” – Live audience member

“A brilliantly articulate man.” – Ameera Ladak

 “Mark’s book is brilliant!” – Tamron Hall

“With passion and grace, Mark is a formidable thinker in our culture today.” – Chris Summerville, CEO, Schizophrenia Society of Canada

“I am speechless! Mesmerized by your powerful, authentic words.” – Virtual keynote attendee

“The information was presented so well… I could have spent a whole week with Mark!” – Workshop participant

“Eloquent.” “Insightful.” “Powerful.” “Inspirational.” – Keynote attendee

“I really wish there were more people in this world like Mark, what he does is absolutely incredible… I found this to be one of the most inspiring lectures I’ve listened to.” – Jeff Martin

“Mark’s genuine concern for those dealing with a mental health challenge is only matched by his courage and commitment to sharing his story in the most powerful way imaginable. If your audience is ready to be confronted by this terrific young speaker, Mark will leave a lasting impression.” – Eric Windeler, Founder & Executive Director, Jack.org

“A very powerful presentation, such a new fresh perspective on mental health.” – Keynote participant

“Incredible talk, far better, moving, and more impactful than I expected. Very inspiring and a reminder of the power of simple but meaningful connection with our patients and how it can impact them.” – Virtual keynote attendee

“Awesome presentation. I think the best I’ve heard in over 35 years of practice.” – Virtual keynote participant

“Excellent talk, thought provoking. Dynamic speaker.” – Keynote attendee

“Loved this presentation. All of the information has such practical application to my daily practice as I attempt to help each patient to the best of my ability.” – Keynote participant