Journalists on Mastodon!

Hi Friends!

UPDATE: New file now available – updated Monday!

Here’s a CSV file of the Google sheet maintained by Tim Chambers. Instructions below.


It was updated at 11:30AM ET on Monday, November 7. It has 391 rows at time of upload. If the Google sheet linked above has more than that, everything after row 391 are new entries.

I adapted it to the proper column structure, and cleaned up a few miskeyed entries. I uploaded it to my account and it seems to work.

Other lists have created downloadable forms on GitHub. I don’t know how to do that, but if someone else does please take this sheet and use as needed!

To batch upload this CSV on Mastodon,
1) Save this file (make sure it saves as a .csv) >
2) On Mastodon desktop interface, go to Settings >
3) Import and export >
4) Import >
5) Choose file (select the one you just saved) >
6) Make sure dropdown says “Following list” and radio button selects “Merge” >
7) Click upload.

Here are visual import instructions from the great Kait Clark.

Follows will populate to your following list over a few hours, not all at once. Servers are very taxed right now, so it might take a while.


(I believe this only works on the desktop app, not on mobile. Click through to open in Google Drive, then click download in the top right corner.)


Check out the Kait’s amazing list of psychology and related accounts too! It’s based on this list of sociologists by David Adler, Thomas Haase & Hendrik Erz.

And for something super (small-m) meta, head over to the INCREDIBLE List of Lists of Academics, generously compiled by Hendrik Erz and David Adler!

Happy connecting!

Mark Henick


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