TEDxToronto / a So-Called Normal playlist

Today is the 11th annual TEDxToronto conference in, well, Toronto!

Since I did a thing there a while back that was pretty successful, I’ve paid attention to the other speakers who are also alumni of the event. I’ve had a few of them on the show.

So, here’s a playlist of past TEDxToronto speakers who I’ve spoken with on my So-Called Normal podcast! I’ve also embeded their talks here too. Enjoy!

Neil Pasricha

Drew Dudley

Brian Goldman

Mark Bowden

Paul Nadeau

Steph Guthrie

Jeremie Saunders

Honourable mention: Darius Bashar

Darius has been involved with TEDxToronto for years, having contributed his incredible gift for photography, but he hasn’t done a talk. So, here’s a different talk he did.

That Thing I did, becuase why not

Good luck to everyone today: speakers, audience, staff and volunteers. It’s an incredible experience!

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